Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun with nails

I hold this entry in my mind for so long until I nearly forget how does it felt having pampered in nail salon.  So let’s get started.

My two buddies and I went to Harmony Nail Salon for manicure & Pedicure quite some time ago. Sekarang pun kuku dh kusam balik :(. Of course we didn’t pay the price we supposed to pay. We bought vouchers from milkadeal. Again. What a cheapskate. Got it for RM38 instead of RM200 for classic manicure + spa pedicure + soothing gel feet soak + hand & feet massage & cuticle treatment.

Being a mother and a weekend wife, I rarely hang out with my friends during weekend. Ye la korang tu hari-hari jumpa laki. Aku ni nak kena tunggu hari Sabtu tau. So time tu semua kawan-kawan, pergi main jauh-jauh. No offence friends :). That day was an exceptional. We dressed up like there’s no tomorrow (exaggerated version. Padahal hari tu kitorg biasa-biasa sahaja).

We arrived a bit early despite dah bersenang lenang breakfast kat Mamak ABC. Masing-masing keluar awal sebab nak elak anak-anak nampak mama dan mommy sekalian nak keluar melenjan. But it was alright sebab dah ada staf yang tunggu pun and we straight away didudukkan di sofa yang best without knowing what to expect. Not really... actually my expectation was a bit high. Mau tak. RM200 untuk kuku kaki dan tangan je. Mesti superb!

The ambiance and us.

The soothing gel feet soak, spa pedicure and feet cuticle treatment.

The classic manicure, hand massage & cuticle treatment.

The verdict.

All in all i'm happy with the result. Kuku berkilat, rasa bersih dan kemas. Oh yang berkilat tu we need to add another RM10 for buffing (?). How can this buffing thing being excluded from the package. Dah kalau buat manicure, mesti lah kita nak kuku berkilat sampai boleh buat cermin kan? Aku pun tak perasan tau yang this classic manicure doesn't include nail buffing. Takpe aku redha.

Kesimpulannya, this kind of treatment worth every penny IF we have it for RM38 + RM10. Untuk RM200 as they claimed it supposed to be... maybe not.


  1. kenapa kuku org tu kaler itam...ayorkkk takott!

  2. Sue, dia baru lepas korek tanah. hahaha